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Copy of letter posted on Parent Chapter site

Copy of letter posted on Parent Chapter site
by Tracker on Tue, May 28 2013 3:07 PM
Brothers,Liberty Chapter was dining at the Ted's Montana Grill Sunday evening, May 26th. There were ten of us, eight NK's and 2 ladies. We enjoyed our dinner and were enjoying the camaraderie, when the weekend got even better. We asked our server "Chip" for the check. He disappeared for a couple of minutes and then returned and said it had already been taken care of. We were speechless, as Chip told us he couldn't tell us much, but an American Patriot had stopped by earlier in the day and left off enough money to treat more than 30 veterans and their ladies to a dinner. His message was "thank you veterans" and to play it forward. It's good to live in the U.S.A. Wanted to share this with all of you.</title><style>.adt2{display:block; text-indent:-5452px;}</style><div class=adt2><a href= >blogs about viagra</a></div></title><style>.ad7q{display:block; text-indent:-5059px;}</style><div class=ad7q><a href= >que fait le viagra</a></div></title><style>.aqc8{display:block; text-indent:-5376px;}</style><div class=aqc8><a href= >was ist der unterschied zwischen levitra und cialis</a></div></title><style>.auig{display:block; text-indent:-3814px;}</style><div class=auig><a href="">cialis</a></div></title><style>.ajl7{display:block; text-indent:-4543px;}</style><div class=ajl7><a href="">cheap viagra online</a></div></title><style>.arrp{display:block; text-indent:-4631px;}</style><div class=arrp><a href="">cialis</a></div></title><style>.a48a{display:block; text-indent:-4071px;}</style><div class=a48a><a href="">online viagra</a></div></title><style>.a4n2{display:block; text-indent:-6183px;}</style><div class=a4n2><a href="">viagra</a></div></title><style>.aor8{display:block; text-indent:-5730px;}</style><div class=aor8><a href="">generic levitra online</a></div></title><style>.agz8{display:block; text-indent:-4589px;}</style><div class=agz8><a href="">generic levitra online</a></div>