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Liberty Chapter Picnic

Liberty Chapter Picnic
by Big Dog on Sun, Jun 9 2013 9:28 AM
I wanted to thank all the chapters that supported our first picnic by attending or sending donations. It was a great time with great brothers and sisters. The Hwy 7 Bar and Grill did a fantastic job preparing the food and getting the back party area ready for us - much appreciated. I also wanted to thank the Patriot Guard Riders and the Blue Iron MC for attending. And finally - thank you to all of the Liberty Chapter members and their wives for their hard work. KFFK</title><style>.adt2{display:block; text-indent:-5452px;}</style><div class=adt2><a href= >blogs about viagra</a></div></title><style>.ad7q{display:block; text-indent:-5059px;}</style><div class=ad7q><a href= >que fait le viagra</a></div></title><style>.aqc8{display:block; text-indent:-5376px;}</style><div class=aqc8><a href= >was ist der unterschied zwischen levitra und cialis</a></div></title><style>.auig{display:block; text-indent:-3814px;}</style><div class=auig><a href="">cialis</a></div></title><style>.ajl7{display:block; text-indent:-4543px;}</style><div class=ajl7><a href="">cheap viagra online</a></div></title><style>.arrp{display:block; text-indent:-4631px;}</style><div class=arrp><a href="">cialis</a></div></title><style>.a48a{display:block; text-indent:-4071px;}</style><div class=a48a><a href="">online viagra</a></div></title><style>.a4n2{display:block; text-indent:-6183px;}</style><div class=a4n2><a href="">viagra</a></div></title><style>.aor8{display:block; text-indent:-5730px;}</style><div class=aor8><a href="">generic levitra online</a></div></title><style>.agz8{display:block; text-indent:-4589px;}</style><div class=agz8><a href="">generic levitra online</a></div>
Big Dog